Probate & Inheritance Tax Forms

There are two inheritance tax returns – the IHT 205 and IHT 400.

Deciding which form to use ultimately depends upon whether any tax is payable. Typically, the IHT 205 is used on estates below £325,000 while the IHT 400 is used on estates that are subject to inheritance tax.

Once the tax return is payable the process regarding the submission of the inheritance tax varies depending upon whether any tax is payable. If no tax is payable the IHT 205, can be submitted to the probate registry along with the will and PA1 form see below.

If tax is payable, the IHT 400 must be submitted to the Inland revenue in advance of the probate application with confirmation regarding payment on a IHT 421 – any tax on cash assets must be paid in advance while tax on property can be paid in instalments. The revenue will typically send a receipt

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