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What is probate? Rules & probate proccesses.

Helping you with probate

If you are the Executor of an Estate and need to obtain probate - we can help you. We assist hundreds of clients every year across the UK with probate.

The starting point in every case, is to understand exactly what probate is and then decide on whether you actually require probate to administer the estate.

What is probate ?

Probate is simply the legal term, given to process that is followed after someone has died. It is normally undertaken by the Executor of the will.

The document giving the Executor the authority to collect assets is issued by the Probate Registry and is referred to as a Grant of probate. To obtain a grant of probate, all the required forms and informations must be submitted to the  Probate Registry offices. We aim to make the process as simple as possible by undertaking this process on a fixed fee.

Do I need probate ?

Whether probate is required depends upon the size of the estate and the persons assets. It is most commonly required :-

  • to release monies over £15,000 in a bank account
  • to sell a property
  • to sale or transfer shares
  • release funds under a death benefit policy

What happens if the Deceased died without a will ?

If someone has died without a will, then their estate will be subject to the Intestacy Rules. These rules set out an Order of entitlement as well as who can apply for probate. As there is no Executor the person applying for probate is known as  the Administrator. The legal document issued to the Administrator to collect assets is called the Grant of Letters of Administration.

How long will probate take ?

We always endeavour to obtain probate quickly as we appreciate the difficulties that can arise throughout the probate process. In very straightforwarad cases, we can obtain probate in 3-5 weeks whilst in more difficult cases it can take upto 12 weeks – we will always give you an estimate of the length of time it will take at the beginning of the case.

How much will probate cost ?

We always work on a fixed fee – we quote at the beginning of the case and our costs depend upon the work to be udnertaken, however in very straightforward cases, we can obtain probate quickly and very cost effeciently. For example, in a simple case, we can obtain probate and collect monies from a bank account for £500 plus court fees of £50.

What documents would you need for probate ?

When we apply for probate, there are certain documents we will need in every case. These include :-

  • The original death certificate
  • The will
  • A questionnaire which lists the Deceased’s assets

The Benefits to using our probate service

  • Speed : We can obtain probate quickly. In a very straightforward case 3-5 weeks
  • Expertise. We specialise in probate. All our systems are geared towards making the probate process simple and easy to understand
  • Customer Care. We listen to our clients needs.
  • Fixed fee. All cases are undertaken on a fixed fee basis.

Probate Specialists : The services we offer, is part of TM Solicitors that operate across the UK and specialise in Probate . We can help you through the legal processes involved in applications for probate. We provide probate help and advice on  applying for probate as well as typical probate problems. For Example, what happens when the Original Will is lost, or maybe an Executor has died. We can also advise on how to contest a will and help with inheritance tax, while our Overseas Team has considerable experience in dealing with international probate issues, particularly Resealing Grant of probate in the UK. For professional advice and assistance, please telephone our helpline :-

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